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Faces and gestures

Thinking of drawing faces one might think – this is too hard for me. And I will show you that it’s not! Like in all chapters before, it is about keeping it simple, so it stays feasible and useful. We are not in an art school here. Sometimes just adding a face – or some simple form of it – is helpful to express a mood. Mouth and eye brows are responsible for the expression of a face, you only need dots for your pupils. Nose, ears and all the rest usually does not matter. You can even leave them away. And this is how simple it goes, look here.

TIP: this already tells you that you can give any thing a face – (see below).

Simple matrix of face emotions

eye brows

zen style image the big nothing


flip mouth downwards

draw mouth straight

put a smile on your face
drawing eye brows down

drawing simple sad face

draw expression

sketch simple happy face
sketching brows straight

drawing simple surprised face

draw no fun face

sketch simple face
eye brows upwards

drawing simple angry face

sketch anger

sketch happy anger face

eyebrows & mouth determine the expression

If you then give the mimic a frame (head), it can be anything. Any shape with ears will suit – can be a circle, ellipse, square or even triangle – the face is done. 

A quick addition can be done by exchanging the eye by a symbol:


drawing dimensions of a head
  • Eyes are in the middle of your head
  • Ears are on the level of eyes
  • If you want use only the bottom 2/3 and leave 1/3 for the hair

Things become personal ….

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