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Emotions for your elements

Add more and more meaning and quality …

Sketchnotes are about increasing the quality of your notes and about fun. Also because fun and creativity helps remembering things. So it is very useful. Adding emotions to some parts of your notes can be very helpful in this sense AND it adds information. Imagine something you wrote down as a fact, you might add “I take it as a fact”, “whisper, noted between the lines” or “I don’t agree, it makes me angry”. A graphical element is often faster, easier to get and more beautiful.

And there is an easy way to do so.

facts style text emotion

its a fact! straight lines, bold letters

whisper style text emotion

Whisper โ€“ dotted line

angry text style

Angry โ€“ pointy speech bubble if you distribute dots around, even more powerful

why emotion text

Thoughtful โ€“ cloud with question mark

cloudy thoughts drawing

Cloudy โ€“ cloud as a speech bubble

very cloudy emotion

Very cloudy – express with more deferring cloud items

Of course you can use the same style elements on any other icon, not only on text boxes. Play around, while you are drawing and see some more elements next page.

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